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If you have talent and would like to join our books for TV, stage, media opportunities apply now! Send few headshots and short description of your previous experience.

TIK TOK shop 

If you have any retail experience and you are located in USA - apply for female wigs and accessories Live Seller position. 

$20 per h + 5% commissions


Social media stars with more than 100k followers on Instagram or Youtube may qualify for a base of  $190 - $630 per hour plus bonuses.

Minimum 3% engagement rate

-6h of Livestream on the app 

-5 Insta stories

-1 Insta post


Influencers with more than 20k followers on Instagram or Youtube. To create daily content for a minimum of $800 per month plus bonuses. 


-Min 3% engagement rate

-Insights of the last 30 days

-Minimum 50h of livestream content per month.



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