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Evito Talent Celebrating 2 year Anniversary!!!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

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Evito Talent Celebrating 2 year anniversary

My journey as a talent agent started in 2018. Before that I was an actress and singer - trying to find my way and building my career in the United Kingdom. At some point, when Covid-19 started, I was desperate to find creative work, where I could perform, make friends, and money without risiking my health! Then one day, I got an invitation to sing live on a daily basis and to get paid for doing so. I was super happy as it was exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately, after few months my agent disappeared and with him - my payment! This left me without any income and it was a really bad experience.

But somehow, I got this little voice in my head, saying that I should see this as an opportunity, rather than a loss. I contacted the admins of the live-streaming platform and made them a proposal - let me be an agent!

I knew how a good agent should work and communicate (during my10 years as an actress I met many agents!!) so I slowly started growing my team and started recruiting talents. It wasn't easy at the beginning, but I met so many amazing people, who believed in me and decided to join me on this journey.

A year later I was awarded the title of "The Best Agent in the UK Region" for live streamers! This really motivated me to keep going and I decided to expand my services into two new regions - USA and Germany. Working with so many different people gave me so much! I was learning something new (and still am!) every single day!

On 24th August 2020 we registered Evito Talent Ltd, and since that day, have built relationships with many new talents and partners bringing not only live-streaming opportunities but also working on set, acting in feature films, short films, music videos, and photoshoots! Our books now have a few hundred talents and influencers, which I can't be more proud of!!

We are working with the biggest live stream platforms, casting agencies, and music labels to help our talents in any way we can!

So I just want to say, that all of you who were there from the beginning, those who are with us now, and those, who will join us in the future - You are very important! Each and every one of you! We will do what we can to help you grow and succeed in the entertainment industry!

So let's raise a glass to all the opportunities, that sometimes came disguised as a loss! To all the mistakes, that make us better! To all the people that teach us something! To all the memories that we will create together!

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Evito Talent Celebrating 2 year anniversary

To celebrate this with you, we want to offer a 15% discount to all musicians on any Fangtasia Music services at

using code EVITO15!!!

And a 10% discount for acting workshops with Evelina Bredikyte using code EVITO10!

Thank you one more time and stay tuned for all the great news that we have for Autumn and Winter!

With love,


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