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I Hate Networking Events

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

💥Hello, my name is Yeva and I am an actress 💥

Actors, directors, producers and everyone who works in film industry knows about Networking events. Somehow, collectively, we know that you need to attend these events, meet other creators, make new contacts and try your best to impress. Haha.

I hate them. Here you go. I hate those networking events where everyone knows that everyone needs same things from each other and it is somehow become super unnatural, weird, name it!

Once I was in a networking event and started completely random conversation with a man next to me, about how weird this event was. We both laughed. And just started creating weird movie scenarios about the people that we saw. We had a great conversation, but then, out of nowhere like a tornado, young actor ran right in between us- without even HELLO or SORRY TO DISTURB he just gave his business card to that man and started talking super fast about his experience as an actor, what productions he did etc.... While doing that, this actor just stand in front of my face, facing his back to me.

This was so random that I couldn't do anything else but laugh from this unnatural situation. So after this super laud monologue this actor just left. Without saying goodbye. He came out of nowhere and he left the same direction. Oh well.

So I was staring at my new friend, who was holding that business card...he just continued drinking his beer. Like all this show didn't just happened. I said "Well that was some great movie scene! What do you gonna do with this business card?". And without even blinking he said "I will through it away."

I WILL THROUGH IT AWAY. these words stuck in my head since that day. And OF COURSE! Most likely we make the best networking, when we least expect that. When it's natural, when you know the person, real personality, humour, body language...when you meet the person like a real human and not a robot with presentation about great life.

Then, and only then you can be remembered. And you can impress, because the only way to show yourself is BE YOURSELF.

So that new friend that I met at this networking party, become my real friend and mentor.

Be you.


Start normal/casual conversations in these kind of events. Don't rush to show your best. Be natural, be you. And if you feel that you and the person that you are talking to have similar vibe, similar enjoying that conversation- only then start talking about your career, project, goals...

I know it might sounds super obvious, but trust me, so many people will never get that second chance, because the first impression was so bad, that there is no wish to give any more minutes to that kind of person.

Be you, and your business card will have way more chances to reach the pocket and not the trash bin.

Good luck,


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