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How To Survive Lockdown If You Are An Artist?

It is not a secret that 2020 was the most challenging year for most of us.. Cancelled tours, events, plays even huge movie productions. Everything was frozen and we all had to learn how to survive in this new "couch and Netflix" mode. First few weeks were great - 12h of sleep, lazy slow mornings, no make up, zoom calls with family members and long walks with a dog.

Soon "No Make Up day" was increased to No Make Up year, and zoom calls become painful rather than pleasant. It's hard to keep interesting conversation when NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED... in 6 months I watched most of the trending TV series, movies and I ended up watching documentaries about serial killers (*Have you noticed that Netflix is creating more and more of those during the lockdown ??? 0_o ) Anyway, some of us started candle businesses out of boredom, some - started making masks (a super smart move!) and some tried to transfer their performances to the digital world. I will be honest - I am super clumsy and have no patience to create something handmade.. (the most I ever did was bracelets made with black yarn and a silver heart and even then I managed to loose my temper many times while trying to do a perfect knot). So for me the best way to survive all this madness was to share my madness/talent with the world. Daily live streams helped me to stay positive and keep my creativity up.

There is nothing better than loosing your couch belly together with your destiny sisters and brothers from Malaysia... or teaching your Australian friends how to cook Japanese salmon bowl (random, I know). Oh and almost forgot to mention that moment where I was invited to sing in the biggest live stream event "AWARDS GALA 2021"...with just 123 000 viewers... muahaha I couldn't ask for more! I have a worldwide stage that is willing to listen, laugh, cry and go even more mad with me!

Weird to say, but INTERNET SAVED ME !!!! Saved me from loneliness (because it was so much easier when I know that I am not the only lonely penguin in this planet), saved me from boredom and also helped me pay the bills (that's one of the most important parts of my "digital journey"). I don't know if you are my fan or a complete stranger but I want to say, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are so many opportunities waiting for you even in these miserable times, regardless of whether that's candles, home made cakes or live streaming... (I def. can help with the last one) just get out of bed and DO IT (with Nike's tracksuit or without!!!) Share your thoughts, ideas, inspiration and questions in the comments. And stop drinking wine at 1am on a Tuesday...or maybe don't...Just Be You! With love and glass of wine -


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Danny Jones
Danny Jones
Feb 01, 2021

Aww bless you, what a lovely Blog. I love this website by the way. Very informative and well laid out. I think your a very talented young lady who has clearly tried to adapt to the awful pandemic we find ourselves in. I can only congratulate you and will always support if I can. Well Done Yeva don't be to lonely a little Penguin.

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