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Live Stream Content Ideas

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I want to start streaming, but WHAT TO DO IN MY STREAMS?!

We hear this sentence quite often and we totally understand that in the beginning, it might be quite challenging to come up with stream content ideas. Don't worry- we got you!

Here are 5 Live Content Ideas for your future streams:


Multis are great ways to get to know your audience better or collaborate with your fellow streamers! You can play truth or dare, just chat or have a themed multi-stream!


Apps like @bigoliveapp have amazing events that you can participate in and entertain your audience with some great performances! Don't hold back- if you have talent like singing, or dancing-- show it at those events and ask people to vote for you! It can get very competitive and the audience loves it!!

3. QUIZ NIGHT. Think about the topic for your quiz night and what your audience can win if they get the most right answers. The prize can be a name change on the app for a week, beans reward for them or a personalised song (if you are a singer

it can be a short, fun song).


This is a great way to entertain your audience and have fun! Super Heroes, Historical Persons, Anime....It requires a little bit more effort to prepare, but trust us- IT'S WORTH IT!


Choose your favorite dish and make it during your live together with your audience. Share recipes in advance and show your cooking skills!

Comment below which idea you like the most and will try on your next stream!

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