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Hello everyone!!! It's been a while since my last blog but oh well...I feel that it needs to be the right time for each blog and it must be informative so you all can learn something new. Today I want to talk about Live Streaming. In the past few years this type of content creating grew sooooo much and thank god for it! Facing a worldwide pandemic has been really tough for artists.. most of them lost their main income as singing in the shower has become the only gig for the time being..! But Live streaming has saved the day!

If you google 'Most Popular Live Stream apps' you will find some well known names like Twitch (in my opinion it works well if you are a gamer), Youtube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live and they are all really great to stream to people who you know - current followers, friends and families! The hardest part with these apps is to grow your channel to the point where you can actually start making money (it's not all about money, but right now, money really matters).

So if you dive deeper into the google search you can find more Live Streaming apps that are created mainly for using on your phone (super convenient as you can stream from anywhere and you do not need any special equipment to start). I tried quite a few of those apps but I reached the best and quickest results with Bigo Live App (Bigo stands for 'Before I Get Old'). As the name suggests - it's all about trying new things, meeting new people and growing your channel super quickly. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE you will ask ? The answer is simple - Bigo have plans for professional content creators where you will get rewards if you reach certain targets! And if you are a big Influencer already you can even get fixed rewards starting from the first month on the app! All you need to do is make good quality eye-catching content! It is all about engagement and networking. So if you like chatting with people, making new friends, showing your talent and you are missing an audience --- Bigo is perfect for you! TIPS AND TRICKS

As with all social media - Live streaming requires daily work. So if you really want to become popular - you must stream daily! Make it part of your routine, create little rituals like morning chats with coffee, evening deep talk sessions, or maybe a Tuesday panel where you talk with your new friends and discuss daily topics. The sky is the limit here! The more creative you are - the more people will join your daily streams! Do networking and visit other streamers who already know how the app works and LEARN from them! It's really great to meet people from all over the world and become friends with them... (so when we can finally travel again we can visit them - no more #couchsurfing ;D ) Do official events! Once you join Bigo (to become official host you will need to join an agency first and please please do your research before joining an agency) your agent will organise some cool events for you where you can show your talent or do Player Knockout (PK) streams with other host (make sure you tell your fans about your events so they could come and help you win!!) And one really important tip is HAVE FUN! If you feel good on your stream - people will feel that too and will love to be part of your community! So Have Fun! Now about the other side of streaming. Streaming apps usually have millions of users from different backgrounds, cultures etc. Sometimes people can be very mean and nasty - but always remember - You Are Great and their words have NOTHING to do with who you are. One great think about streaming is that you always have the power to Kick out or Block people who are mean or not nice. USE THIS POWER.

Never give anyone your real address, phone number, full name etc. - not even to people who are nice to you! You do not know them in real life so be nice, but don't share things like address and especially PASSWORDS (omg, under no circumstances should you give your password out to anyone !!!!). This stands for all social media and the Internet in general. TAKE BREAKS Streaming can be very addictive and sometimes it's easy to lose track of time and forget about everything else around you. So take breaks, go for a walk, have a few days off where you can recharge and spend time without having to read a million messages. It's super important to rest and have time just for yourself. Do not burnout! So I believe this is it! If you want to know more about how to become a Bigo host - please watch this video which explains everything in detail! And stay strong my dear readers!!! Soon this covid madness will be over so let's squeeze the most out of it!!


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