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10 Positive Things About Working From Home

So hello there, it's me Yeva... Today I want to talk about our new way of living - working from home. To be honest, I have been doing this for two years now, but I feel that now we all are "in the same boat" so let's discuss this.

10 things I love about working from home:

1. You can take a quick (2h) power nap after hours of spreadsheets and emails.

2. You don't have coffee breaks with colleagues anymore... But you can have 10 coffee breaks alone, because now your "office" can be in the kitchen!

3. Flexible hours (so flexible that you can sleep for half of the day and then work in the late evenings if you wish!).

4. Smart Casual now means - PyjamCasual (when you wear your pyjama trousers along with a fancy silk top).

5. No more fighting about air conditioning being too hot or too cold! You don't need to have a 15min meeting about "what temperature is optimal in the office to make all Karen's happy" - you just make it a few degrees warmer if you want to wear your summer pyjamas today. That's it.

6. You can eat at your "desk" (which is probably your bed by now..) and you can eat whatever you like for lunch, even if it's fish with boiled eggs (not sure if someone would eat that in reality, but I'm just making a point here..)

7. YOU CAN LISTEN TO MUSIC. Yep. not through your headphones, pretending that you are listening to the sound of rain to concentrate better - you can actually listen Infected Mushroom and even rock your head to the rhythm.

8. You can look out the window and stare at one point for 2min without being stressed that your colleague Peter will notice you doing it again.

9. NO COMMUTE. Sometimes we have great conversations with strangers in a bus or metro, but most of the time metro is just overcrowded and really not the place you wanna be after a long day in the office.

10. More time with your pet! ( I do not have a dog YET but I still think that staying at home gives so much time for unplanned cuddles and pettings). Also more time to show some love to your plants! (Does your plant have a name or it's a bit too much ?? O_o)

I could actually think about way more than 10 things, but I rather hear your thoughts on this as well. So please let me know what do you like the most about working from home ? Comment. Thank you, my lovely people, for your time! And now !!! Time for some more chocolate and tea! (Did I mentioned that I don't have blood in my veins's just a mix of wine, tea and decaf coffee?)


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1 Comment

Danny Jones
Danny Jones
Feb 08, 2021

Your the best Yeva,

Always taking the time to help others. If more people were like you in this world it would be a better place for us all.

All I can say is guys if your thinking of working in this line of work, I would strongly suggest you work with Evito Talent. I am not affiliated in anyway, but I was lucky enough to meet Yeva online and she is one of the most genuine people I have yet met.

I can see she is writing material like this to inject some positivity into us all at a time when we all need a pick me up. That’s the person she genuinely is and I would welcome as…

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